From master files, to leave management, to time and attendance, to processing payroll, to intensive reports, the Integra HRIS 365 has it all for you.


  • User definable company information, organizational unit and available position
  • Comprehensive recording and maintenance of employee’s information
  • Multiple attachments of employees documents
  • Fast searching and systematic grouping/filtering of employees
  • With option to deduct loans automatically every given period
  • Fast Salary Adjustment module for mass updating of employee salaries
  • One time recording of employee’s other income/deductions
  • Easy tracking of changes in employee information through audit trail
  • Graphical view of organization units presented in hierarchical format



  • Payroll policy setup per employee
  • User definable schedule of mandatory deduction, cut-off period and government mandatory deduction tables (e.g SSS, Philhealth, PagIbig, Tax Status, Annual Tax)
  • User definable payroll account codes (e.g Regular hours, Overtime, Legal Holiday etc.)
  • Fast encoding and recording of payroll entries
  • Per employee or batch processing of employee’s payroll
  • Computation of Overtime, Other Income, Other deduction, De-minimis, Gross and Net Pay
  • Grouping/filter of employees allows user to process payroll by group
  • Payroll locker/unlocker per employee
  • Process other earnings, 13th and 14th month pay other than regular payroll
  • Batch Processing of year-end tax and tax adjustments of employees
  • Generate Payslip, Payroll Register and Remittance Reports

    Time And Attendance

  • Customizable time and attendance setup based on available types attendance policies
  • Per employee assignment of timekeeping setup
  • User definable holidays categorized into Legal, Special and Company holiday
  • With schedule manager per employee
  • Per employee and per location holiday assignment
  • Multiple tagging of employee’s rest days
  • Manual encoding of daily clock in/out including break out/in
  • Batch importation of employee’s time logs from Excel file
  • Time logs captured directly from Biometric device
  • By employee or by group processing of DTR
  • Compute Regular Hours, Absences, Tardiness, Undertime, Paid Leaves, Overtime, Restday, Holidays, Night Differential
  • Automatic generation of Daily Time Record (DTR)
  • Flexibility through Post approval of rendered overtime
  • Viewing of processed attendance with no time in/out
  • Lock and unlock daily time record to avoid accidental changes
  • With integration and Uploading of daily time record to payroll module
  • Time And Attendance

    Leave Management

  • Unlimited and user-definable leave types
  • Easy recording of leave application using graphical calendar view
  • With yearly setting and re-setting of leave entitlement
  • Monitoring and tracking of employees’ leaves
  • Viewing of used leave, monetized leaves, adjustment and current balance
  • Monetize or convert employee’s leave into cash anytime of the year (SL/VL)
  • Graphical view of filed leaves and status in calendar format.
  • Leave Management

    Insightful Dashboard

  • Quick note
  • Birthday celebrants
  • On Leave employees
  • Employees by confidentiality level
  • Employees by employment status
  • Organization unit viewing
  • Absenteeism and tardiness bar graph
  • Custom timekeeping setup view number of employees under
  • Monthly net pay Summary
  • Salary adjustment tracker
  • Bonus
  • Insightful Dashboard

    Comprehensive Reports

  • Report groupings option per organizational unit
  • On-screen/grid preview before printing
  • Report printing in PDF format
  • Grouping/filtering of employees according to available fields and save it for future use. Groups/filters can be shared to other users or for specific user only
  • Complete List of Reports:
    • EMPLOYEES: 201 File Summary Employee List Employee Rate History Employee Tax Status History Loan File Details Loan File Summary Salary Adjustment Report
    • LEAVE: Leave Summary SL/VL Cash Conversion Report SL/VL Summary
    • TIMEKEEPING: Absences Frequency Report Attendance Summary Daily Absences/Tardiness Daily Attendance Daily In/Out (log file) Report Incomplete In/Out Report Overtime Application List Schedule Printing Tardiness Frequency Timesheet Reference List Undertime Frequency Report
    • PAYROLL: 13th Month Pay Cash/Bank Payroll Contribution Summary Denomination Breakdown (Details) Denomination Breakdown (Summary) Payroll Account Summary Payroll On-Hold Listing Payroll Register (Details) Payroll Register (Summary)
    • MONTHLY PAYROLL: Monthly Contributions Monthly Payroll Summary Other Earnings Report
    • QUARTERLY PAYROLL: Quarterly Contribution Summary Quarterly Payroll Summary
    • YEARLY PAYROLL: Bonus File Report Bonus File Summary Year End Tax Report YTD Contribution Report YTD Payroll Summary
    • GOVERNMENT: Alphalist (MWE-Minimum Wage Earner) Alphalist (Terminated) Alphalist with Previous Employer Alphalist without Previous Employer BIR Form 1601-C BIR Form 2316 LMS File Membership Savings Remittance File Pag-Ibig Loan File Pag-Ibig M1-1 Pag-Ibig MCRF Pag-Ibig Short-Term Loan Remittance Form (STLRF) PhilHealth ER2 PhilHealth RF1: Employer’s Remittance Report PhilHealth RF1 S.S.S. R1-A S.S.S. R3 Report SSS R3 File
    • BANK DISKETTE: Allied Bank (Current) Allied Bank (Savings) Asia United Bank Banco de Oro Bank of Philippine Islands Chinabank Chinatrust Metrobank PBCom Philippine National Bank RCBC Current RCBC Savings Security Bank UCPB (Cash Card) UCPB (Savings)

    Comprehensive Reports


  • Login using user name and password
  • Group user according to their roles and responsibilities in user role modules
  • Password complexity option such as requires combination of special and alphanumeric characters.
  • Lockout policy with user defined number of invalid attempts
  • Password expiration with user defined number of days
  • Security