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As the most trusted provider of HRIS system that has served thousands of companies and big government agencies since 2007, we are continually improving to give you the best system yet.

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  • You are tired of manual payrolling

  • You don't want to spend so much money on hiring additional manpower

  • You want to do payroll anytime, anywhere

  • You don't want manual error.

  • You don't want to do year end Alphalist

  • You want quick analytics of your employees

Why Should You Automate Your HRIS?

Avoid Manual  Payrolling

There are many possible and unavoidable errors when you do payroll manually. Avoid this by switching to an automated one.

Save Time On DTR Processing

Improved DTR processing is now up to 100x faster compared to previous version

Comprehensive Reports Are Readily Available

1-click generation of reports such as 201 File Summary, Alphalist, Monthly Payroll Summary, Year End Tax Report, YTD Payroll Summary, SSS R1-A, Pagibig M1-1, BIR Form 1601-6 and many more.

Why Choose IntegraHRIS 365?

IntegraHRIS 365 is a complete Human Resource, Payroll and Timekeeping in one software solution. Developed by Cosmotech Philippines Inc. who is the leading and most trusted HRIS solution provider since 2007.

Main Modules









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Instant viewing and monitoring of statistical information and graphical summaries. Designed to be customizable and user-friendly, IntegraHRIS 365 Dashboard has a wide range of widgets to choose from for Human Resources, Timekeeping, and Payroll-related functions which you can select and display as desired

Comprehensive Employee Record

Comprehensive and systematic recording of employee's information and 201 File. Employee Record or sometimes called the Electronic 201 lets you experience hassle-free storage and retrieval of data and documents for each employee which include their personal information, employment details, and 201 records. You can also mitigate the risk of lost and deteriorating documents by utilizing the attachment of electronic copies of employee's files (e.g. Birth Certificate, Certificate of Employment, etc.) which can also be printed any time, as needed,

Leave Management

Accuracy and ease in monitoring Employee's Leave Application and balances. IntegraHRIS 365 gives you the flexibility in defining the leave types available in your company, as well as recording the employee's leave credits, leave applications, and requests for SL/VL cash conversion. What's more is that the system can automatically compute and update the remaining leave balances of employees and generates relevant and timely reports for you. 

Timekeeping And Attendance

Fast and efficient processing of the employee's Daily Time Record (DTR). In a single click, you can immediately generate the complete and accurate timekeeping details of an employee, with automatic identification of filed leaves, incurred tardiness/ undertime and others. Notable and significant improvement in DTR Processing speed has also been implemented in the IntegraHRIS 365 as compared to its previous versions, allowing you to process multiple employeesa all at once in no time. The system also works seamlessly with the Virdi Biometrics and can directly capture time logs from the device, eliminating the manual procedure of encoding or importing them.

Accurate Computation Of Payroll

Versatile setup and uncomplicated processing of payroll. With the seamless integration of the Payroll, Leave and Timekeeping Modules, IntegraHRIS 365 guarantees accurate computation of your employee's payroll. Sit back, relax, and let the system do the payroll for you as it also automatically computes mandatory statutory deductions such as SSS, Philhealth, Pagibig and Withholding Tax. No more manual computations since the system can also process bonuses, 13th Month Pay, and Year End Tax Adjustments in just a few clicks.



IntegraHRIS 365 is a user-friendly and customizable payroll system. We have been using Cosmotech payroll system since Nov 2012 and their new version is better.

Albert Pe

HR Management

HR piracy is so rampant in the Philippines. That's why its important I have to take hold of my employee's data. Good thing 365 is safe and on premise

C. Tiu


it's user-friendly, easy to understand and very convenient. Improves time and efficiency of employees

Portia Cardel

HR Supervisor

100,203 +
Employees Served

50,200 +

50,200 +
Payroll Processed

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long is the contract subscription?

Minimum of 1 year subscription and you have the option to avail up to 5 years to get a big discount.

What is the advantage of HRIS on-premise over cloud?

What are the payment options?

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